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When the printed and digital are to play together.

First, we would like to say that we are very honored that you have chosen to look past our website. Your time is of course very important and you will probably slip on quickly if we are not very specific in our communication. Therefore, our first task is to tell you in a simple, fast and clear way what it is we can help you with. If we manage to do so, the chances of you contacting us are quite good. When you then contact us, we help you with tips and tricks that can get your customers to contact YOU in the same way. Is not it a win-win situation for everyone.

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printed media

One should never underestimate the importance of print media like flyers, product catalog, price lists or business cards. Along with the right visual expression, printed matter helps to enhance your brand and message.

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The use of business cards is generally declining. Therefore, it is more than important that your business card makes an impression. Business cards do not have to be expensive to be remembered. Even a cheap business card with the right design makes an impression. But if you are one of those who really want to stand out and stand out in the crowd, we are happy to help with the production of what is called luxury business cards. At Publista, we have made a sea of business cards, I wonder if we will not find a solution that suits exactly your needs, regardless of whether it is a cheap or exclusive, the choice is yours and the possibilities are many.

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Flyers or leaflets are the cheapest and most widely used form of print advertising. For relatively little money, you can hit a large amount of potential customers and thus get far with your message. You can have them printed on both sides of what in the technical language is called 4 + 4. With the good professional better known as Publista, it does not cost extra to get it done. The most used flyer size is A5, but if you want a little more space for your message, we can clearly also recommend loose leaves in an A4 format.

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Do you need a little more space for your message e.g. product description and you need more than 8 pages for your upcoming brochure, catalog or price catalog then a booklet is probably the solution you should go for. If the price is to be kept down and it has to go fast, a stapled back will be preferable as it is the fastest and cheapest solution. If the number of pages is large enough and you want to make a little extra out of your catalog or brochure, glued the back of your booklet is probably a better solution.

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Lage format print XXL

Why limit yourself to digital solutions. Say it instead in capital letters. A banner for sale, street sign, roll up for the next conference. There are many options.

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Posters are pretty good at provoking quick reactions from customers. It can e.g. be a turn-on offer or a new item in the store. A good poster in the shape of a street sign can connect yours
business to customers by making them aware of your product. A poster can also be used for e.g. teaching, courses or as a wall poster where special print is needed. So to get noticed and connect with your customers, poster advertising never fails.

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Especially outdoor banners are some of the most visible advertising you can buy. Whether it’s announcing a new product or service or building your brand, banner advertising is the most cost effective and popular there is. We can provide cheap outdoor banners but also indoors in top quality and in materials such as PVC, mesh and much more. In addition, we make banners with print for e.g. events or offers.

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Roll up is a really good addition to any business marketing plan. Investing in a roll up means you can take it with you – wherever you use it. It may be you need to use roll-up for trade fairs, teaching, presentation or just as an advertising pillar. We offer several types of roll up systems depending on the need and price. We are of course ready to help you select the right roll up with the right design expression.

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