What is Publista's concept?

Full focus on customer needs communication and thoroughness.

Our concept is about building a strong partnership with you. We are the invisible and discreet partner of your purchasing and marketing department. It can be the purchase of printed matter, graphic or digital services. Of course, we help both the small and the big ones, including those in their infancy. They all need a serious and dedicated partner.

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Choose the right road - every time!

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The good and professional

The Publista concept ensures our customers the cheapest prices on printed matter such as, business cards, flyers, brochures, leaflets, leaflets etc. but also website with modern web design, large format banner and much more. Do you need a solid, professionally skilled sparring partner for your task who can advise you on how to create the most beautiful printed matter at the cheapest price? Then Publista is the place for you. We are the good professional who helps you choose the right path and ensures you both the best result and the cheapest prices – every time!

Strategic collaboration with the best.

Fast production with state-of-the-art equipment and the best prices on the market.

Many people claim that printed matter has never been cheaper and that is probably true. But our experience tells us that even though printed matter is cheap, there is still a need to optimize and improve the use of printed matter.

At Publista, we do not have our own printing plant. Publista’s founder has previously been a co-owner of a production company and knows that part of the game for better or worse. At Publista, we have chosen the end of the road and made strategic collaborations with a number of Denmark’s and Europe’s largest specialist printing companies. It allows us to place the individual printing jobs where they are experts in the type of printed matter in question and therefore can deliver extra good prices on an unsurpassed quality. We also do not have a sea of ​​graphic designers, web designers and copywriters sitting – but we have a number of very skilled partners and we spar with them when YOU need it.

We put many printing tasks at the individual printing companies every year, just as we can gather our regular customers’ tasks in special compression pools, we get the opportunity to negotiate some extra good prices in place.

By knowing your printing needs over e.g. a whole year and be able to take advantage of compression and economies of scale for several customers at once, we can give you the market’s best prices without discussion, while you get an extra good service on top of the printed matter delivery, without it costing you a single penny. You will not find it anywhere else!

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No production, no hassle - full focus on the customer.


What do all these people have in common?

They have become entangled in something that takes focus away from their core competencies. We have all tried to completely voluntarily find ourselves in situations that develop into a headache project. Do it yourself projects that turn out to be far more expensive than budgeted both in dollars and time. You will receive your printed brochure which is not at all as in the picture – has anyone approved the design at all? You want to make an invitation to a corporate event and end up spending hours behind YouTube tutorials to see how to change the red circle to a green one – professional graphic help certainly does not have to be expensive. How about countless paperjams on your top of the art new copier? We are here to make you aware of the pitfalls and optimize both your time and money.

Want to explore more?

Open the door to Publista and get to know us a little better.