What does Publista really offer?

Saving solutions for printed media and large format printing

We want to help you in your busy day as simple as that. We want to make your decisions easier, faster and cheaper.

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printed media

Help with the production of printed matter such as business cards, brochures, labels, leaflets, posters and more. No task is too small or large.

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larg format print

Do you want to be seen, then there are banners, flags, light signs etc. something we can definitely take care of for you while you spend your time on something else important.

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Optimize your branding and visibility with our packaging solutions. Among other things, we can offer tape with logo, boxes and wrapping paper with your own design.

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graphic design

Beautiful designs in the form of logos, brochure layouts, ads, labels and more. A design must be able to work beautifully both digitally and in print - we ensure that.

We also offer

Guaranteed savings

Your busy day will be easier with us.

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We place great emphasis on transparency and security for the customer in everything we do. Publista strives for the most price- and quality-optimal solutions to the customer’s various printed matter and distribution needs.

Publista is the friendly professional who does not cost extra. We want you to feel safe with us, which is why we provide quality assurance of the entire process from idea to finished product.

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Get the best price from design to printed matter.

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We are called Publista – ie. we communicate your company’s message. We offer production of content such as text and images for your printed matter or website. Text constitution helps to set the tone and give life to the brand.

We understand the effect a good design has on a brand. That is why we offer beautiful but functional design and layout solutions as well as production of printed matter that works. Graphic and web design that is easy to understand.

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